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Uber & Lyft Car Requirements for Las Vegas, Nevada

Uber and Lyft car requirements vary from state-to-state so if you’re looking to buy a car it’s best to buy one that will work on both platforms if you’re looking to maximize your income.

Uber is kind of a pain, and makes you signup for an account before seeing their car requirements… this could cost you the signup bonus from signing up through a friend. We listed a few Uber/Lyft promo codes specifically for Las Vegas last month.

We created an account on Uber and have the info for you:

To partner with Uber, your vehicle must:

Be 2006 or newer
Have 4 or more doors
Not be salvaged

Keep in mind that in 2017 Uber will likely update the year requirements to 2007 and newer.

Uber also requires a background check and a current drivers license to complete registration.

But before rushing out to buy a car, note that Lyft requires that you car be 2008 and newer.

Lyft has a complete guide for Nevada Driver Requirements, which include everything from vehicle requirements to how to get a business license (a requirement for Las Vegas).

Recommendation: Buy a used car 2008 or newer to work on both platforms. 

Craigslist is your best bet to find a car, we’ve also listed a few used car dealerships that offer cars under $10k. Neither Uber or Lyft have milage requirements.

For financing, check your local credit union for the best rate.

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March 21, 2016