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Top 8 Consignment and Thrift Stores in Las Vegas

I remember my grandmother dragging me to yard sales and thrift stores and I thought it was utterly embarrassing. Fast forward 20 years and I think it’s a great way to save some money or hop upon some interesting items. Perhaps that leans way of my addiction to TV shows like Pawn Stars, Flea Market Flip, etc. In either case, Las Vegas has many stores where you can sell or consign your clothes, and buyers can find things at a fraction of the cost. Since I did mention Pawn Stars, most locals who have been there know that it’s not really a thrift store, in fact, most of their things are overpriced because they are still one of the most popular shows on cable television. I think one of the owners has been on record saying something like, “We’re a T-shirt store with a pawn license.” In any case, there are a lot of stores where you can find deals, let’s start with a couple of the popular franchises:

1. Plato’s Closet – A popular nationwide franchise, Plato’s Closet has two locations in Las Vegas, one in NW and the other in Henderson. Plato’s Closet skips the whole consigning process and actually buys your clothes for cash. Simply bring it in and they’ll evaluate your clothing and offer you cash for the items they want. Generally, they offer you about 30% of what they will sell it for.

2. Buffalo Exchange – Another popular nationwide franchise, Buffalo Exchange offers the exact same concept as Plato’s Closet and has one location in the Las Vegas Arts District. In my experience, Buffalo Exchange is a little pickier about what they accept, which might be a little better for buyers but if you’re planning to sell clothing you might be better off taking it to Plato’s Closet.

3. Colleen’s Consignment – If you’re in the need for furniture, be sure to checkout Colleen’s Classic Consignment, with 4 locations in Las Vegas there’s a good chance you might find the piece you’re looking for. I find their prices to be a bit on the higher end (especially for consignment), but the pieces they accept and sell are certainly nice. And I’ve found that they’re more than willing to haggle on the sticker price, because remember that anything they sell they’re making money on. Because they don’t actually own the inventory, they’re selling it on behalf of the buyer.

4. Me N’ Mommy To Be – A company established in 2004 in Iowa, and a new transplant to Las Vegas. Me N’ Mommy To Be solves a gap in the Las Vegas marketplace specializing on consignment for babies, kids, moms and moms-to-be, and everything in between. They offer clothing and furniture, as well as baby and toddler equipment rentals. They’re located in the Walmart complex off Ft. Apache and Tropicana.

5. Déja Blue – A brand of the classic thrift store Goodwill, Déja Blue is the higher-end version with this store offering a lot of designer clothing. Like with any other thrift store, buyer beware on anything designer, as it could easily be fake. As the old adage goes, “If it’s too good to be true, than it probably is.” And you just have to think, why would anyone donate a $2000 Gucci, Louis Vuitton bag, etc. A good thing about Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, etc. is that they’re actually trained to spot fakes because they actually have to buy the inventory. If the items are donated, like they are to Goodwill, that they don’t really have any incentives to do that.

6. Furniture Clearance Centers – And there’s plenty of them, from RC Willey to Walker Furniture. A great place to find clearance, floor models, as-is, returns, etc.

7 & 8. Fantastic Swap Meet and Broadacres Swap Meet – Swap Meet’s offer a marketplace of sellers selling anything from socks to furniture. Fantastic and Broadacres are the biggest in Las Vegas and are certainly worth checking out. Fantastic Swap Meet is indoor, but Broadacres is outdoors, keep that in mind on hot days!

That’s just about it, did I leave anything out? What are your favorite thrift and consignment stores in Las Vegas?

Photo Credit: GroceryMania on Flickr

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April 24, 2015