The 10 Best Places to Buy Furniture in Las Vegas

So you know the first Ikea in Las Vegas is expected to open around Summer 2016, but that’s another year away and you need some furniture. Last month we reviewed the best consignment and thrift stores, some of which included a few nice furniture consignment places in town such as:

1. Colleens Consignment – With multiple locations in the Las Vegas area, Colleens always has new things coming in. I find their prices to be on the higher end, but remember that prices are negotiable. While theoretically they should have a lot of different furniture styles, I find most of their stuff is more on the traditional end.

2. Me ‘n Mommy To Be – Another consignment shop, this is the place to checkout if you need furnishings for a newborn or child.

3. Craigslist – Las Vegas is a transient city, which means people are constantly unloading furniture for deals on Craigslist. I picked a poker/dining table that retailed for over $1000 for $150 on Craigslist with 4 chairs. There are a lot of steals because people don’t often have trucks to pickup the items, and renting a U-Haul can sometimes be a hassle. Stores also post on Craigslist too, keep an eye out for that.

4. Costco – They don’t have furniture very often, but when they do it’s fairly inexpensive for high quality furniture. Most of their stuff is traditional, but they do have some modern pieces roll in every now and then. They contract out their delivery and it isn’t very cheap, it’s cheaper to go with a U-Haul.

5. RC Willey – This is where I bought a lot of my furniture as they have a bit more contemporary options and I’d say that’s more my style. Decent prices and the clearance centers are worth checking out as well.

6. Ashley Furniture – The typical furniture chain, they have plenty of locations across Las Vegas. Plenty of deals if you want to package things and they have great financing options. I find that their stuff veers towards the traditional end.

7. The many furniture shops in ChinaTown – Whether you’re looking for industrial, oriental, modern or traditional, there’s many furniture shops in Chinatown. Just drive down Spring Mountain and you’ll hit at least 3-5.

8. Macy’s Home – Not the cheapest of the bunch but they have a variety of furniture and when they’re on sale you can find deals.

9. BoHo Furniture – Since I love modern furniture, I loved this place. Definitely worth a look and the owners very nice and willing to negotiate.

10. Walker Furniture – A huge showroom and plenty of furniture available at the clearance centers. Mostly traditional, but does have some contemporary and modern pieces.

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July 22, 2015