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Best Auto AC Repair Mechanics in Las Vegas

Air conditioning in your car is something you can’t live without in Las Vegas, especially during the summer months. Unfortunately, AC issues can be expensive… but fortunately there are lot of things you can do yourself before you have to bring it in to the dreaded mechanic.

Editor’s Note: This post focuses on auto AC, for your home checkout our post on the best plumbers and HVAC services in Las Vegas.

Diagnosing your AC issues:

1. Is your car overheating?

If you car is overheating, you shouldn’t be driving your car – let’s get that out of the way. Driving your car when overheating can cause a lot more damage to head gasket and the block. Your AC won’t work when your car is overheating, you’re actually suppose to turn on the heat when overheating as it helps cool the car down. If your car is overheating, there are a number of things you should check the biggest being radiator, thermostat and water pump.

2. Do you have a coolant leak?

This is related to #1, but there are occasions where you can have a coolant leak and a car that doesn’t overheat (yet, at least). If you do have a coolant leak it’s best to find out where it’s coming from. If you can’t see where it’s coming from, any shop can do a compression test for about $50 to find out for you. A cheaper option is to buy a coolant dye from any auto shop (eg. AutoZone) and mix it with your coolant. That coolant dye illuminates the leak, though you may need a blacklight or special glasses to see it (they usually come with the coolant dye in a kit). For a total cost of about $5, any maybe another $5 for the UV glasses if you need them.

3. Is your AC pressure low?

If your AC isn’t working this is the issue you should hope to have, as it’s a simple fix that you can DIY with a ~$50 refill kit. This video shows you how to do it:

Who are the best Auto AC Repair Mechanics in Las Vegas?

That’s tough to say, my recommendation is to visit the shop familiar with your vehicle. If you have a BMW, checkout our guide on the best BMW Mechanics in Las Vegas.

Keep an eye on the circulars that come to your mailbox, there are many auto shops offering free AC diagnosis… though you should note that there are visual inspections – many won’t even hook your car up to check the pressure levels. Thus it’s best to call around and find one that will. AC Refills should cost you in the ballpark of $100 depending on your vehicle.

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September 8, 2015