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7 Womens Skirts Perfect for the Las Vegas Heat

One of the go-to pieces during summer are skirts. Skirts come in different styles, lengths, color and prints that you’re look can go from feminine to playful to edgy. Skirts can be paired with almost anything form your closet—tank tops, button down blouses, shirts or layered with dresses. It goes well with flat shoes, sandals, wedges, oxford shoes and even sneakers.

Here are seven skirts perfect for summer:

  1. Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirts are best if you’re going for a feminine or delicate look. Its lightweight material is very comfortable to wear during hot seasons. Depending on the color of the skirt, it can tone down a very loud piece like a dark colored jersey top.

  1. Magic Wrap Skirt

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The Magic Wrap Skirt
The Magic Wrap Skirt
  1. Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts add texture and detail to a plain ensemble. The vertical lines give an illusion of longer and leaner legs. Its material makes it look more flowy, feminine and adds volume to your top.

  1. Origami/Skort

An origami skirt or skort—shorts that look like skirts—is one of the easiest way to dress up effortlessly. The interesting lines and shapes of the skirt give detail to a basic tee or simple top. It also creates the illusion of longer legs, especially when paired with high heeled shoes.

  1. Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are commonly used during summer days. It’s perfect for women who don’t want to show some skin but maintain a look that’s fun and fashionable. Maxi skirts are made out of different materials—some are lightweight, sheer and see through. It can be paired with any kind of top.

  1. A-Line

A-line skirts are very feminine. It’s a very versatile skirt and can be worn during casual or special occasion depending on what you pair it with or how you accessorize it. It’s very comfortable and made of lightweight material that makes it perfect for the summer heat. A-line skirts gives oomph and volume to you outfit and perfect for twirling around under the summer sky.

  1. High-Low Skirt

High low skirts are fun ways to add layer and variety to your outfit. It adds a feminine touch to any kind of top and can be worn for casual walks around the park, shopping, going to a picnic or hanging out with your friends at a favorite restaurant.

Strolling at the beach while eating ice cream and feeling the waves and sand beneath your feet is like dream come true. Nothing beats a good summer vacation where you get to enjoy some time for yourself. Of course, summers are also times when you can flaunt your fashion style and wear that big summer hat hidden at the back of your closet. Summers are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your fashion style and try wearing something from the list above.

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May 11, 2014