Best Used Car Dealerships in Las Vegas

3 Best Used Car Dealerships in Las Vegas for Cars Under $10k

Um, so you know Craigslist is an option right? Both private parties as well as dealers post on Craigslist, but some dealers have such fast turning inventory that they simply don’t have the time. While private party is cool, there are advantages to buying from a dealer and this post will help you find a few dealers that offer cars under $10k. Let’s start with the two most popular:

1. CarMax – Though CarMax is the 2nd biggest used car dealer in the nation, they just had a handful of cars under $10k when I visited the location on West Sahara. And the cars that were there were priced well over KBB. The locations in California that I’ve been have much more cars. I’d probably pass visiting this location if you’re looking for cars under $10k, instead try…

2. AutoNation – This is definitely your best bet for buying a used car in Las Vegas as far as sheer amount of inventory, they currently have over 250 car listed in Las Vegas under $10k. And even better they host a SuperSale at the Orleans Casino every March, July and October.

3. Desert Auto Sales – Most of their inventory is under $10k, and they also boast easy approval for financing which might be necessary for some, especially after the economic downturn in Las Vegas.

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Do you have a dealership in Las Vegas that you favor? Let me know in the comments below!

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November 5, 2015